Welcome to the Western Whitewater Association!

Skills Day Run

  • TBD 2022
  • Place TBA
  • Time TBA
  • Run Chairman: Shay White

The WWA holds a Skills Day each year in June to help new members enhance their jetboating safety and operational skills.  Training topics generally include safety equipment, pre-operational maintenance, launching and loading in moving water, the basics of river channels and rapids, anchoring in moving water, overnight anchoring in fluctuating water levels, and other subjects of interest.  The site for this event is not fixed and varies from year to year, based on training needs and water conditions.

Skills Day presents both new and not-so-new jetboaters with an opportunity to participate in hands-on training, in a low pressure, on-the-water setting.  The event also provides a forum in which experienced boaters can share their knowledge, tips, and tricks with an eager and interested audience.

Checklist to chair this run