Walter's Ferry

The Walters Ferry boat ramp is located on the Snake River just off state highway 45, approximately 17 miles south of Nampa, Idaho.  The launch area is maintained by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game as a Sportsman's Access.  The ramp is concrete and well sheltered from the river current and the wind.  There are no launch fees.  There is a small, but well-built dock.  The paved parking lot will accommodate 40+ rigs.  There is a restroom, but there is no potable water.  There are no overnight camping facilities and camping is prohibited.  A convenience store located just across the river, Dan's Ferry Service, offers grocery items, ice, and 24-hour gas and diesel.

Today, getting across the river is as simple as crossing the bridge, but prior to 1921 when the bridge was built, the ferry was the easiest and safest way to get from one side of the river to the other.  The ferry originated in 1863 and served as an important link in the road between Boise, Silver City, and San Francisco.  Over the years, the ferry had a number of owners and a variety of names, but today it is best known as Walters Ferry.  Lewellyn R. Walter and a partner purchased the ferry in 1882, and Walter acquired his partner's share in 1886.  Shortly afterwards, Walter built the "Great Eastern" - a ferryboat that was 70 feet long and wide enough to carry two teams abreast.  Walter sold the ferry in 1901, and the ferry continued to operate until the bridge was completed in 1921.  You can find more information about Walters Ferry at the Idaho State Historical Society.

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The following are some pictures of the Walter's Ferry facilities. 

Walters Ferry Parking lot  
Walter's Ferry parking lot with restroom.

WF parking lot    
Another view of the parking lot.

Walters Ferry Ramp    
Walter's Ferry ramp


Walters Ferry Dock
Walter's Ferry dock.