Video Clips

2015 Salmon River Run
Clip 1
    Clip 2
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    Clip 4
 Clip 5
    Clip 6
    Clip 7
    Clip 8
    Clip 9
    Clip 10
    Clip 11
    Clip 12

Western Whitewater Association Payette River Run 05/19/2012

2011 Salmon River Run  
Clip 1
    Clip 2
 Clip 3
    Clip 4

2005 Salmon River Run
    Running House Rock
    Down Vinegar Creek Rapids

2004 Salmon River Weed Project Run
    Up Cary Falls Rapids
    Up Vinegar Creek Rapids
    Up Chittam Rapids
    Up Dried Meat Rapids
    Up & down Manns Creek Rapids
    Down Cottontail Rapids
    Down Little Growler
    Down Dried Meat & Chittam
    Down Vinegar & Cary Falls
    Down House Rock & Car Wash

2004 Salmon River Run
    Up Ludwig Rapids in Black Jack
    Down Ludwig in Black Jack
    Down Chittam Rapids
    Down Vinegar Creek Rapids
    House Rock
    Down Car Wash Rapids

2004 Glenns Ferry Run
    Thrill of the Chase up Peg Leg Rapids
    Thrill of the Chase down Peg Leg
    Wild Bunch running Peg Leg
    Wild Bunch down Peg Leg
    Rarely Home running up Peg Leg
    Rarely Home coming down 
    Riding up with Rarely Home
    Riding Back Down
    Another Ride Up
    Another Ride Down

2003 Salmon River Run
    Rocky climbing Vinegar Rapids

    Tim running down Vinegar
    Greg coming down Vinegar

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