Welcome to the Western Whitewater Association!


***New – Business Memberships for $150.00  Includes Non-Voting Membership + 1 business card size ad in the Rapids Newsletter for 1 year***

There are 2 ways to pay for your membership dues from this page.

  1. You can print out a form and mail it in with your payment.                               
  2. You can pay your membership in conjunction with the Annual Banquet registration. Or just pay for your membership. 

Single Memberships are $40 and Family Memberships are $50.

By receiving our RAPIDS newsletter via email you will save our club substantial printing and postage costs.

Club Alert Emails are time-sensitive notifications of meetings or events of concern to WWA members.

1.    Mail in Form

Print, fill, and mail with your payment:

Purchase your membership by mail or in conjunction with your 2024 Banquet tickets. After Pre-Registration is closed on January 27th, 2024 a limited amount of dinners will be available.

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2. Purchase your membership online or in conjunction with your 2024 Banquet tickets. After Pre-Registration is closed on January 27th, 2024 a limited amount of dinners will be available.

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Membership expires February 3rd, 2025

All members must read & adhere to the Purpose & Code of Ethics

If you are a New Jetboater, WWA membership is a great way to gain skills and knowledge that can make your boating experiences safer, easier, and more enjoyable.  As a WWA member, you will have frequent opportunities to increase your jetboating know-how through direct interaction with experienced, knowledgeable jetboaters in on-the-river training environments.

You may want to check out boater education classes and information available through the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.  click here for more information

If you are a Not-So-New Jetboater, WWA membership will provide you more options for jetboating recreation.  The WWA maintains a full calendar of Annual Events organized specifically for the recreational enjoyment of our members.  These events combine exciting whitewater river runs with social get-togethers to produce thoroughly pleasurable outings.  The WWA is family oriented and our events offer members the occasion to come together to share experiences, to meet others who enjoy the pleasure of jetboating, and to have a great time!

If you are a Veteran Jetboater who spends a good deal of time on the rivers, WWA membership provides a means to protect your personal interests.  Every year brings new attempts to limit access to whitewater rivers through increased regulation, restrictions, and fees.  The WWA is an ardent proponent of fair and equitable access to rivers for all users including private jetboaters.  The WWA and its members have invested many thousands of hours and many tens-of-thousands of dollars in an ongoing campaign to thwart partisan, discriminatory, and exclusionary regulations that would reduce or deny our access to these public resources.  However, this is a never-ending challenge and the voice of every private jetboater is needed.  Through the WWA, as a united group, individual jetboaters have a much louder voice and create a much larger presence.  Help protect the future of your access to whitewater rivers by joining.


  • To stimulate and advance the general welfare and safety of boating.
  • To serve the interests of recreational water users.
  • To defend against discriminatory legislation, regulations, and burdensome taxation.
  • To develop a fraternal spirit among all recreational water users.
  • To provide a medium for the exchange of boating information.
  • To own or lease property for the Association uses.
  • To perform all desirable and lawful functions for the successful operations of the Association and in the general public’s interest.


  • I will maintain and enhance the quality of the water upon which I operate.
  • I will at all time drive at speeds as to keep the boat under control.
  • I will always respect the rights of other water users.
  • I will at all times give down river traffic the right of way.
  • I will leave campgrounds and campsites clean and bring out all litter.
  • I will get permission and have respect for private property.
  • I will give aid to any boatman or water users when in danger.