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Forest Service Boating Guidelines

Posted by tannerwaid@gmail.com on  October 5, 2021
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Western Whitewater Association Accomplishments

Posted by Debbie Thorson on  January 21, 2021
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Read about WWA Current and Historic Accomplishments Here.

Canned Food Drive

Posted by tannerwaid@gmail.com on  January 12, 2021
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This year at all runs we will be collecting canned and other non perishable food items that will be donated to local food banks. Please bring items to each run or contact a board member and make a donation if you can’t attend any runs. Thank you.

Central Idaho Public Lands Collaborative (CIPLC)/Salmon Valley Stewardship Collaborative

Posted by Debbie Thorson on  August 6, 2020
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Meeting and Activity Report by Robert S, “Bob” Hays, WWA Representative CIPLC Recreational Subcommittee – July 2020 Several telephone/ zoom conferences have been held this spring and early summer mostly regarding the integration of the Collaborative’s Desired Future Conditions (DFC) into the Forest Plans.  This has been complicated after the administrative decision was made to go back to two different plans based on the old Challis National Forest and Salmon National Forest plans adopted in

Wake Responsibly

Posted by Debbie Thorson on  October 27, 2019
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